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Content Marketing with Marketingseva

Content writing demands a professional author that specializes in processing material via ideating all of the way by publishing. A fantastic content can ease you to optimize business productivity by bettering your company with the perfect excellent content. We provide premium content writing services for company that are seeking to maximize conversion, increase traffic, and induce development.

What does content marketing actually bring you ?

Everything that makes online marketing rock stars headbang and has what it takes to knock us out of our agency chairs in Munich! Because content, with which we enable the broadest seeding  for your customers on the relevant channels , leads to

  • Fire build-up,
  • The increase in leads  , sales and conversions  ,
  • Stronger customer and visitor loyalty,
  • An increase in sales and
  • Link earning 
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How do we use the content marketing strategy specifically for your website?

As you probably know, there is not content marketing, but – always depends on the customers and their specific needs – many different content marketing approaches. When working with us as a content marketing agency, this means: You present your strategic goals to us – we develop the ideal approach and the necessary operational measures. As a result, the results always remain comprehensible and measurable for you.

Content Marketing Plan

Before we start creating your content, we analyze your wishes, needs, and goals:

1-Which objectives are useful?

Do you want to strengthen your brand? Increase sales? Increase the visibility of your company on the internet? Think about – also with us – which measurable goals are important for you now and in the future. Based on this strategy, we develop the necessary operative content marketing measures: the campaigns. Keep in mind, however, that a campaign can only achieve one or two primary goals. It is not a universal tool, but a highly specialized instrument. If you want to pursue several goals in parallel, several appropriately designed campaigns are available, which we would also be happy to plan and produce for you.

2-Which target group does you want to address?

As you probably know, there is no point in simply defining “everyone” as your own target group (following the motto “If you want to pay us, please feel addressed”). This group of consumers is simply too large, you can never reach them all with a single campaign. If this is attempted compulsively, the actual target group usually perceives the content as implausible. However, we will be happy to advise you in detail on your personas and have this group in view at all times during the campaign design.

3-Which topics are relevant for the target group?

You know what makes your company and your service so unique and, above all, what you can do better than the competition. But: All of these valuable arguments must be found and understood by (potential) customers online. For this purpose, the discussion of the topic must not be too general, i.e. not too “mainstream”. For the greatest possible findability and relevance order to guarantee, we, therefore, create exactly the topics that fit the everyday life and lifestyle of your target group – with which you really score and stay in the memory for a long time. For example, have questions relating to the product not yet been adequately answered online? Can you offer solutions to tricky and sometimes annoying everyday problems? Can your product touch people emotionally, create beautiful moments, strengthen social relationships? We will find the ideal approach to your unique selling points!

4- Which channels are suitable for seeding?

We precisely identify the platforms and the active contact persons and influencers there who set the tone for your target group and can contribute to the dissemination of your content. Ideally, these are shared voluntarily – if not, we can at least push the range here. But not only online, but also classic media are always looking for news and fresh, exciting content. Seeding therefore also includes writing and sending newsletters and press releases within our network – because we know which topics are particularly popular with which group of contact persons. We explain this procedure to you in more detail below under “Content seeding”.


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